A Fucking Psychopath's life

He followed every move with his eyes when Alex sat down on top of him. His face was strangely emotionless now, though, as if he was trying really hard to keep any expression from betraying what he was thinking or feeling.
Nigel parted his lips to say something, but the argument was lost when Alex kissed his jawline and moved his way down. He pushed back his head into the pillows as Alex moved his lips to his neck and placed a kiss on his carotid artery, which was a quite sensitive spot.
"Yes," he said breathlessly, swallowing to keep his voice and body from trembling. The latter didn’t work out really well. 
”-.. I could be. If you were more in love with me, than you were with Susan.” He said it is if he doubted it, didn’t believe it. After all, there were no gay knights in history. Why would there be one now? But he was surprised by Alex hand slipping under his pants, if only just the edge, and his eyes opened widely again to reveal his shock. 
"What are you..-" He did tremble, of course, but that didn’t mean he had to admit it. "I’m not, it’s your imagination." Unfortunately, Nigel was a terrible liar…
~ Want to read this Like Minds fanfiction from the start? Want to know how this scene will end? Read it here, the first huge fanfiction about the brilliant film Like Minds: Like Minds Fanfiction - To my beloved Maraclea

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